Additional Science

Additional Science is 12 topics

  1. Inside Living Cells
  2. Divide and Develop
  3. Energy Flow
  4. Interdependence
  5. Synthesis
  6. In Your Element
  7. Chemical Structures
  8. How Fast, How Furious
  9. As Fast as You Can
  10. Roller Coasters and Relativity
  11. Putting Radiation to Use
  12. Power of the Atom

Multiple Choice topic tests are done in March and June.  They account for 30% of your grade.
Practical skills are assessed by your teacher in class and account for 10% of your grade.
Assessment activities, at least one Biology, one Chemistry and one Physics, the best of each contributes 10%.
Three written papers, one in Biology, one in Chemistry and one in Physics, in June 2008 make up the final 30% of the mark.

For flash cards to help you revise on-line, see the Revision page.

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