Year 6

In Year 6 you will study the following National Curriculum units:
Interdependance and adaptation
More about dissolving
Changing materials
Forces in action
Electrical circuits
Light and sound

For further information about these units, you can go to the DFEE Standards Site and look at the Primary Science Schemes of Work.

In May 2003 you will also do National Tests in English, Maths and Science.
Web sites to check for more information:
Science Essentials Channel 4    A great site useful for the whole year's work
The Mammal Society: Mammal Fact Sheets     Ideas and information helpful for constructing food chains
Desert USA    Find out about plants and animals that live in a desert habitat
Infection Detection Protection     The American Museum of Natural History site where you can learn about micro-organisms by playing games!
Microbe Zoo    Have a look at all sorts of microscopic organisms
United Utilities, Facts and Details      All you ever wanted to know about water treatment

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