Year 9

In Year 9 you will study the following units, using the Exploring Science course:
Unit 9A
Inheritance and selection
Unit 9B
Fit and healthy
Unit 9C
Plants and photosynthesis
Unit 9D
Plants for food
Unit 9E
Reactions of metals and metal compounds
Unit 9F
Patterns of reactivity
Unit 9G
Environmental chemistry
Unit 9H
Using chemistry
Unit 9I
Energy and electricity
Unit 9J
Gravity and space
Unit 9K Speeding up
Unit 9L Pressure and moments
Unit 9M Investigating scientific questions
National Tests are cancelled, woohoo!
But there will now be an end of Year 9 exam instead :(
Useful websites you may want to look at:
BBC Bitesize is super for revision.  Don't leave it all to the last minute!

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