TopMeadow Photography

This is the informal beginnings of the TopMeadow photography site. The design is by no means complete. This is just an experimental beginning. Rather than debate endlessly with myself about the design, I've decided to present what I have and then allow it to evolve.

Many photographic web sites simulate a gallery. The initial design of this site is built around two ideas. The first, inspired by Eric Boutilier-Brown's Evolving Beauty site, is that of a journal or so called blog.

The second idea is that of a book. I like books of photographs. I like to browse them in a good bookshop and, occasionally, I buy one. The book metaphor allows me to indulge my desire to write a little about each photograph.

Feel free to contact me by email at, removing the "@nospam" from the email address.

As are many photographers, I welcome approaches from people who would like to model. If you are interested contact me by emailing, again removing the "@nospam" from the address.