TopMeadow Photo Gallery

Welcome to the TopMeadow gallery of photographs. As an experiment, this site is now designed around a gallery metaphor where panels of up to a dozen photographs are mounted on walls. To change the size of an image, click on it. Panels are generally best viewed with a large screen area; you may wish to make your browser full screen. To view a panel, click an image on the left.

For now I have retained the old site which followed a book metaphor. I'd appreciate any feedback on which one folks prefer and other suggestions for improvement.

My original intent, inspired by Eric Boutilier-Brown's Evolving Beauty site, was to write a blog. They were relatively new back then. My plans have changed. I may still set up a blog, but it seems to me that blogging is about participating in a community and a static site such as this can't support that. In the meantime, I occasionally write a note in my journal.

All the images in the gallery are copyright and may not be used without permission. If you'd like to use an image please get in touch; changes are we can work something out. You can reach me by sending email to Do the obvious thing and remove the antispam device from the email address.

I welcome email on a range of topics including comments on the site, from photographers interested in joint projects, and from folks with interesting suggestions for a photoshoot. I'm happy to do portraits or contribute images to a model portfolio in exchange for being able to use the images in my own photography projects. I live in the Bristol area of the UK.

I often have several photographic projects on the go at once. I am currently particularly interested in opportunities to take photographs related to clothing, exploring the reasons and purposes we have for chosing the clothes that we do and in what situations we wear them. I'm also interested to hear from photographers abroad (that is outside the UK) interested in a project that would use photographs to explore the differences in our cultures.