TopMeadow Photography

This is the informal beginnings of the TopMeadow photography site. The design is by no means complete. This is just an experimental beginning. Rather than debate endlessly with myself about the design, I've decided to present what I have and then allow it to evolve.

I started this site about 3 years ago and it quickly became moribund as most of my spare time was taken up with a philosophy course at the Open University. As that course draws to close I am starting afresh, though I have kept this link to the old site.

My original intent, inspired by Eric Boutilier-Brown's Evolving Beauty site, was to write a blog. They were relatively new back then. My plans have changed. I may still set up a blog, but it seems to me that blogging is about participating in a community and a static site such as this can't support that. I might write the occasional essay though.

Mostly, however, my aim is just to share some pictures.

Feel free to contact me by email at, removing the "@nospam" from the email address.

As are many photographers, I welcome approaches from people who would like to model. If you are interested contact me by emailing, again removing the "@nospam" from the address.