Years 10 and 11

GCSE Science is divided into Core, Additional and Triple Science.

 Our exam board is Edexcel.  The science syllabus is called 360 Science.  If you followed the link and got lost, try scrolling down the  pdf to page 18. 

Students use Active Book.  As well as a paper text book, you get to take home a CD ROM.  It's got all that an ordinary text book has, but much more besides...

If you're in set 1, you are doing Triple Science,  ouch, it's hard work!  Three GCSEs in two years, a lot of extra work and that twilight session on Wednesdays.

Set 2, you will do your first Science GCSE in year 10 (!) and Additional Science, another whole GCSE, in year 11.

If you're in set 3, you will do one Science GCSE over two years.

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